Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Photoshop Clipping Masks and Layer Masks Tutoril

Masking is one of those methods that will change the way you utilize Photoshop. Understanding this method can help you to bounce from being an apprentice level Photoshop client, to a more propelled one.
Clipping Masks and Layer Masks

There are two essential sorts of masks: clipping masks and layer masks. These two methods are closely related in idea, however altogether different in application. How about we begin by examining layer masks, which are for the most part what individuals, are alluding to when you hear them talk about Photoshop masking.

When you add a mask to a layer, it covers the whole thing with an imperceptible gray-scale canvas. There are approaches to see it that we’ll look at later however simply realize that when in doubt, applying a cover to a layer won’t bring on any prompt visual contrasts unless you have a dynamic choice at the time.

Clipping masks are fundamentally the same as layer covers just they utilize one layer to decide the straightforwardness of another. In this situation, you stack two layers on top of each other with the base being the deciding component of the straightforwardness of the top.
Most strong masks require a glue to hold the mask set up while work is performed. A few, for example, veiling tape and frisked, accompany cement pre-connected. Strong covers are promptly accessible in mass and are utilized as a part of vast painting employments.
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To know more about channel masking in Photoshop applying clipping path first, watch this video

Monday, May 30, 2016

How to manually Isolate Product Photos Onto White Backgrounds Using only Photoshop

For the last 10 years, I have spent quite a bit of time exercising over product photography and photo editing; I often spend time in the evenings helping my designers by editing photos of their product and Jewellery. In this tutorial, I wanted to share the workflow that I have developed for retouching images, Isolate Product onto the white background using only Adobe Photoshop. Let's get started!

Before we can begin, you have to do a little bit of setting up. One factor that I prefer this set up is because it only takes a couple of minutes to get ready. I've used more sophisticated set ups in past, and while you can precisely set them up to give you more control over the final product, lights, softboxes, and backgrounds can cost quite a bit of money.

By using just a DSLR with a macro lens, a tripod, a flash, and a sheet of paper, I can achieve a pretty good result without having to spend too much time and money on it. It's true that sometimes it's quite impossible to manage a white background but don't worried, applying photoshop clipping path it's possible to cut out your products or photos.

Set up your scene in a way similar to the images below. Make sure to aim your flash directly at the products. That will soften the light just a bit and reduce the harsh shadows.

Now that you have imported your photos into your computer, take the photo that you think is best. Your image should look similar to the one above. You may notice that while the background of that photo looks not ok, it looks a bit dirty and is not quite the pure white background. To fix this we will need to edit using Photoshop.

To show you exactly how dirty the background of your image actually is, I've expanded the canvas of the image in Photoshop. Now you can see exactly how much whiter the background needs to be.

Open your product's photo with Photoshop CS 6 or what version are you using already.

Create you new Clipping Path and start drawing clipping to cut out the image.

Start drawing hand made photoshop clipping path according to the following way.

Drawing this clipping path, keep zoom at 200% sometimes it will be more or less based on image resolution
Thanks for giving your valuable time to read this tutorial and it's my pleasure if do you have any query please leave your comments below, thaagainaing 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

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